Terms and conditions

You have recently purchased a Lazer helmet for your safety and pleasure. It has been designed with the greatest care to satisfy your requirements. For your safety, and that of your passenger, you must respect all the usual rules of prudence when using your two-wheeled vehicle. The Lazer 5-year guarantee (2 statutory years + 3 extra years at no extra cost) guarantees the initial purchaser that any possible manufacturing fault or material defect will be covered by the Lazer guarantee.


If during the guarantee period (2 statutory years as from the date of purchase + 3 extra years at no extra cost in case of registration on our website), a problem covered by the guarantee were to arise, Lazer, through the intermediary of its sales network, undertakes to repair or replace any defective components, up to a maximum limit which is the purchase value of the helmet. Any labour costs are normally paid by the Lazer network, but are submitted for approval prior to the work being carried out.

If the repair requires components to be dispatched incurring transportation costs, the Lazer network shall cover these costs up to a limit which is the cost of transport by the national postal service at the normal rate.


This guarantee only covers problems related to materials or manufacturing. Lazer cannot be held liable with regard to the product in the following cases:

Any damage following :
  • a fall or accident a technical modification made by the user or a third party (glue, adhesives, paint, screws, etc.)
  • use of or contact with: harmful chemical products (including methylated spirits on the visor treatments), or an intense heat source
  • incorrect use: abnormal conditions (e.g. underwater), lack of maintenance or care ageing due to normal wear of the inner fabrics or inner pads, the appearance of the external parts, or the visor (scratches, marks, etc.)
  • abnormal and prolonged exposure to ultra-violet light, in particular for the graphics’ colours.

In addition, Lazer cannot consider subjective considerations related to use of the helmet as defects covered by the guarantee: problems with comfort, size, noise or whistling, aerodynamics, etc..

Lazer cannot be held liable for the temporary non-availability of the helmet while it is being enhanced to satisfy the needs of its owner. In all cases, the maximum guarantee period is 6 years starting from the production date. Replacement of a component during this period does not prolong this period.

Please note that fluo colours (yellow and orange) cannot be guaranteed to maintain their orginial flurorescence throughout the lifetime of the helmet.


To be able to enjoy the 3-year guarantee extension, the buyer has to register his/her helmet within 20 days after the date of purchase. The registration of the helmet can only be made through the website www.lazerhelmets.com.

All guarantee claims must be made to the Lazer distributor or dealer who sold the helmet. For a warranty claim to be considered, the purchaser must notify the dealer of the problem which has arisen, and return the helmet that is the subject of the claim, together with the proof of purchase and the proof of registration of the warranty extension on our website. The present warranty is valid solely in member European Union (EU), European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and the USA. This warranty does not affect in any way the statutory rights of the purchaser as stipulated by directive 1999/44CE.

The effects of this specific and limited guarantee shall come to an end after a period of 5 years as from the date of purchase. After this period, if you continue to use a helmet regularly and if you want to benefit from optimum protection and comfort, we recommend you to replace your helmet. This is because some external factors (general wear and some impacts) could be prejudicial to the safety features of your helmet, an essential piece of protective equipment.


Lazer reserves the right to carry out work within the terms of the guarantee using replacement parts from the most recent version compatible with the model concerned, and is unable to guarantee perfect harmonisation of the painting or decorative elements associated with specific production runs and/or limited editions. In addition, the natural deterioration of colours over a period of time can cause mismatching in the adaptation of colours of spare parts.

If Lazer is unable to carry out the repair for technical reasons or because a component is not available, Lazer undertakes to make the customer an advantageous offer, taking into account the age of the helmet, consisting in either an identical new helmet or an equivalent model manufactured at the time of the repair, if the original model is no longer available.

According to the legal conditions of private life, Lazer will be allowed to use the customer’s personal data in order to send him news and advertising.